This is a blog site where you can tell your story about scientific misbehavior.  This may come in a number of forms.  Perhaps you have been tricked out of space you thought was legitimately yours, or your data has been published by others without attribution, or you have observed what you believe is data falsification, fabrication or plagiarism.  Perhaps you have informed the authorities in your school, college or university and they have refused to believe you.  Maybe this even goes so far as to amount to actual cover-up.  You may have turned to higher powers only to be dismissed as delusional or irrational.  Whatever your story, this is the place for you to tell it.  But to do so, you must adhere to certain rules:

  1. Your post must be anonymous
  2. The names of persons and organizations must be disguised
  3. You must not use defamatory language – do not accuse anyone directly of wrong-doing.  However, it is OK for you to say that you believe “such and such”.  You do have a right to your own opinion

This is also a site where you will find news gleaned from public media about things related to scientific integrity – or lack thereof.  So visit often or sign up to receive email notices about the latest posts.

This site is also intended to fill the gap left by the suspension of the site www.science-fraud.org in January, 2013.  That site has ceased its dialog, possibly only temporarily, but there are still some good general guidelines along with useful information if you have suspicions about image manipulation.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Blog Boss with suggestions and/or complaints.

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