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I am having trouble keeping up with all the news that I would like to talk about in this blog!  Stay with me, I am doing my best! Retraction Watch is running about 2 posts a day since last I

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News 8/19-20/14

There were 2 retractions yesterday and 2 more today on Retraction Watch. The big news of the day today (8/20) was the notice on The Scientist Daily post that PubPeer is in danger of being sued.  For those of you who don’t

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New today

On Ted Talks Clint Smith has a thoughtful message about the danger of silence.  He says that “silence is the residue of fear…who has to have a soap box when all you ever needed was your voice?”  So what does

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What’s new this week

It’s always good to get an email from Ed Yong — good, bad and interesting news on the science home front.  Try to subscribe to his blog. Retraction Watch ( has had some interesting posts this week: “A researcher at Tufts

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