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Week’s Happenings 9/14/14

On the 16th, Nathan S Blow, Editor-in-Chief of BioTechniques wrote a piece about the Materials and Methods section of scientific papers.  He points out that most authors do not provide enough detail for the reader to repeat the experiments.  On

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The cost of retractions, another fascinating charlatan and Mt Holyoke, but not Smith, does the right thing

Tracy Vance reported in the Scientist (Monday, 9/8)) on the cost of retractions.  They can reduce related citations and impact on future funding.  Best to do it right in the first place.  Even unintentional errors can cost. From Morning Break Medpage

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Wonderful Labor Day weekend in WV visiting granddaughter and 3 rambunctious great grand kids.  Only problem was getting out of Parkersburg.  Spent the whole day Sunday in the airport looking at our plane which could not fly in the rain

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