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The Franzen Case. Nanochemistry In Fantasy Land Or All That Glitters Is Not Palladium

Last month (October), I had the pleasure of attending a lecture at New York University (NYU) given by a fellow whistle blower, Stefan Franzen, who was hosted by another fellow whistle blower, Bart Kahr. Stefan, who hails from the North

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Cheating in Science: Who Cares?

Last week I went to the annual meeting of the Radiation Research Society in Las Vegas.  I had a poster on display during the entire meeting in the poster room and was scheduled to stand by and explain it during

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Week’s Happenings 9/14/14

On the 16th, Nathan S Blow, Editor-in-Chief of BioTechniques wrote a piece about the Materials and Methods section of scientific papers.  He points out that most authors do not provide enough detail for the reader to repeat the experiments.  On

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