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Cheating in Science: Who Cares?

Last week I went to the annual meeting of the Radiation Research Society in Las Vegas.  I had a poster on display during the entire meeting in the poster room and was scheduled to stand by and explain it during

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Wonderful Labor Day weekend in WV visiting granddaughter and 3 rambunctious great grand kids.  Only problem was getting out of Parkersburg.  Spent the whole day Sunday in the airport looking at our plane which could not fly in the rain

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News 8/19-20/14

There were 2 retractions yesterday and 2 more today on Retraction Watch. The big news of the day today (8/20) was the notice on The Scientist Daily post that PubPeer is in danger of being sued.  For those of you who don’t

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New today

On Ted Talks Clint Smith has a thoughtful message about the danger of silence.  He says that “silence is the residue of fear…who has to have a soap box when all you ever needed was your voice?”  So what does

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Back in Business

Sad to say, I set up this blog about a year ago and then promptly ignored it.  But now I am back with a new design and a determination to get myself up and running again.  And what more appropriate

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Stapel Gets Nailed (but not very hard)

Diederik Stapel is the Dutch social psychologist who admitted to fabricating data in as may as 30 published papers. His story is told in a fascinating article published in the NY Times magazine in April ( He admitted to fabricating

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Welcome to my Blog

From time to time, I will post news items that I think will be of interest. I will try to add new material every week so come back often. If you wish to comment or to tell your own story,

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