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The Franzen Case. Nanochemistry In Fantasy Land Or All That Glitters Is Not Palladium

Last month (October), I had the pleasure of attending a lecture at New York University (NYU) given by a fellow whistle blower, Stefan Franzen, who was hosted by another fellow whistle blower, Bart Kahr. Stefan, who hails from the North

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I am having trouble keeping up with all the news that I would like to talk about in this blog!  Stay with me, I am doing my best! Retraction Watch is running about 2 posts a day since last I

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Kenneth Jones’ qui tam suit fails

Kenneth Jones,a professor at Brandeis University, was a participant in a program project grant involving early detection of Alzheimer’s disease in a group of test patients.  The multimillion dollar program project grant involved had been funded over many years with

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